About Us

SavvyFork is a visual recipe discovery engine that brings you the best-looking, best-tasting recipes from around the web.  Whether you’re planning a meal or just looking for some elegant entertaining ideas, SavvyFork is your go-to culinary companion.  Stare at hundreds of recipes from renowned foodies! Save and organize your favorite recipes in your own SavvyFork profile. Sort recipes by categories, most popular, the latest and more! Share the best recipes on social media, and see what’s been shared the most!

Our Team

Dan Kamys
has always been motivated and fascinated by food. From a young age he realized the art and science that went into preparing a meal. Though he’s refined his skill by watching TV chefs and experiencing many near-death kitchen mishaps, he still has fun building castles out of mashed potatoes once in awhile.

Danielle Galian grew up watching her mom and grandmother cook dinner for the family every night. She’s developed a profound respect and admiration for cooks and chefs from all different cuisines. She likes to experiment with her cooking and isn’t afraid to try different foods.

Who We Are

SavvyFork is a division of June Media, which owns and operates women's lifestyle content sites for women ages 25-64. June Media has offices in both Chicago and New York. To learn more about our company, visit June Media.